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My notes on RedHat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) EX200V8 Exam

Below are my notes on RHCSA EX200V8 exam objectives that I researched and collected from multi online sources when I was preparing to take my EX200V8 . it may help you get an idea of what is waiting for you . Understand and use essential tools Access a shell prompt and issue commands with correct syntax # system has 6 virtual console we can switch between them using ctrl + alt + f1 to f6. you can also use chvt 2 to change to virtual console number 2 # tty1 is for gui if installed and the other are for terminal based consoles. # ctrl + a => go to the start of the command line # ctrl + e => go to the end of the command line # ctrl + r => search history backward # ctrl + l => clear screen # !3 => runs 3rd command from history list # ^foo^bar => replace foo with bar in last command # everything in .bash_logout file will executed on logout # everything in .bash_profile file will be executed on login # to enter into login shell through su su - Use input